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As the heritage of the sediments along the Thu Bon river, these clay pieces has existed for centuries, lying deeply under the green rice fields of Quang-region.

This is the land of Lion Capital (Tra Kieu capital city of the old Champa), the land of My Son holy city, Bang An – Chien Dan – Dong Duong – Khuong My, the immortal terracotta towers, the land of Hoi An where the Thanh Ha pottery village originated, making its unique products well-known everywhere.

The brought pieces of clay were adjusted according to different demands: pouring clay, imprinting clay, building clay, joining clay…. The workers here has dedicated all the minds and hearts in their works, as they were then burned by the flame of their confidence, with the trees of the homeland.

The modern technique joining with the traditional methods has created a unique product while all the beauty of tradition is reserved.

The Le Duc Ha terracotta was born and is still growing for 20 years. For all those years, the company is still contributing to the domestic and international market with its beautiful and fantastic products revealing its own brand mark.

Unlike the white glaze products of the North, the patterned glaze ones from the South, or the clay Chsm Bau Truc, Le DUc Ha’s products are representing for a raw and hardened clay products of the Central Vietnam. Le Duc Ha’s products are totally unique from others of North and South, both for material and style.

The company has succeeded in familiarizing itself with Quang Nam style products and truly stand out of the crowd, despite its medium size of operation.The company’s products make red as its main color, along with a various blue of flame.

We are honoured to introduce to all of you our abundant products: from garden lamp, pillar lamp, wall lamp, hanging lamp along with in-house decorative products such as vase, small statue… with a Vietnamese pastoral manner, especially the products inspired by the Champa culture.

Le Duc Ha products are also well-known for the skilful beautiful gifts and souvenirs, which are then being sold at many sights, attractions as well as many domestic and international companies.With the plain, environmental friendly clay and terracotta material, in addition to the high endurance to sunlight, wind, light heat and rust: Le Duc Ha products are more and more closer to the consumers nowadays, with higher attention and appreciation.

The paintings and light made by terracotta combined with stone will surely amaze all kinds of customers.

Le Duc Ha products are honoured for lightening up your house and garden.

Please visit and bring to your home the products with all the beauty of clay… 


 Le Duc Ha terracotta